Artist Statement

Artist Statement  

      My art allows me to connect to the world I live in. Growing up in Mexico I was exposed to a tropical climate accompanied by tropical animals. When I moved to New York City the landscape and creatures within them changed. Art is my tool for expressing my love and appreciation for the animals. Each animal is symbolic to me and has ultimately given me a deeper understanding of life. Animals behave differently in various habitats, however, unquestionably there are similarities between animals and human behaviors and emotions. 

    My artwork is geared towards printmaking techniques such as etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, lithography and silkscreening. These techniques give me more versatility. For example when creating an etching I have the option of printing more than one piece of artwork which can be called an edition.

      Printmaking allows me to use textures and a variety of tools such as brayers, brushes and oil based inks. I can either create an edition or make a unique print with a la poupée. 

    My paintings are usually on panels of wood such as birch, pine, or mahogany.  It is crucial that the panel board or “canvas” be thick and dense enough for the wood carving to be produced efficiently. My paintings always involve acrylics and oil paint because they induce the clarity and brightness of the final painting.