this is the continuation of chicken series I have some fascination lately with chicken /fowl they are also a lot of fun because 6x6in  
I also recently completed a peacock because I was inspired by Valentines day you can see part of the process. You can see the completed version on my site

I would like to share my New York photography with you all !! My passion I am a passionate New Yorker Native New Yorker and have worked in several New York sites and tourism to know enough about New York !

A huge love of pets, dogs.  A subject I absolutely love to photograph besides New York scenes! These pups give you unconditional love!

Painting updates

These chicken paintings and then one on my site "rooster" are a continuation of a series of chickens. I am very interested in symbolism and Chickens stand for parental and spiritual love. Also my current paintings will have the added touch of gold. Check out my site My website
Final this it needed a few more touches, "Golden Chicken" Ellen Carranza 
Before and the after is above "golden chicken" Ellen Carranza
Oil &acrylics painting 6"x6"

I have recently completed my lithograph and also grinded out my litho stone.