Work- Life, a New Continuation

My life has been consumed with my effort to improve it, as in the past because of personal setbacks, I moved around a lot in the past few years with in a very short amount of time. Finally I am settling and also looking for a new studio space/living to fix up. I found it extremely difficult to have that visual voice. I know I will eventually purge all this out.

This past summer I wanted to make new works and made some silkscreens, I am in the process of printing more of  the silkscreening works. Also looking forward to find a place to show my new works. I have put a lot of projects in the  back burner because of those personal setbacks and my uncle passing due to cancer and him smoking all his life. So i am a staunch anti-smoking advocate. I am so glad I never found it as an addiction and pick up the habit. All these past events and extremely close people to my life were in danger this extremely affected me. I could not focus nor think what I should be doing, or where I should be directing my attention.

In this crazy world, especially living in NYC is chaotic, I could not focus. Family and friends are always nearby I also could not thank my Boyfriend enough whom I love so much always standing by my side. Also in the past maybe I had a life crisis that I felt stuck and was not sure about my career. I am set and I look forward to be a huge success with my creative talents. As in the past when completing my MA. Printmaking I was burnt out from making woodcuts , which I completely enjoyed but this is why I moved to silkscreening and currently I am working on a woodcarving which my dad taught me to do at the age of 8 years old and using this practice and go back to painting which I love because I absolutely love the use of color.

Some of my prints will also be available to purchase but currently check out

 Excited to a productive happy Year!!!