Frequently Asked Questions. 

Any possible questions anyone new to art, techniques and mediums may have will be answered here. 

What is printmaking? This is an art medium of  producing multiple images /repeats each called a print.  Prints are created from a plate surfaces ranging from (metals, wood and a rubber material)Printmaking categories are relief printing, etching, lithography, planography, serigraphy, and giclee print.

What is a lithograph? This is a printing process based on the unmixability of water and grease, it is usually done on limestone or grained metal plates.

What is a litho stone? A smoothly surfaced limestone usually from Bavaria, Germany, that receives the greasy ink that makes up a lithograph image. 

What is a monotype? A print pulled from a painting surface which is non absorbent plate, such as zinc, copper or plastic. “Mono” means one print can be made from this process

What is a screenprint / serigraph? This is a stencil process using a mesh stretched over a frame. Ink is forced through the openings in the mesh, which can be blocked through a variety of methods. (The dot pattern on the mesh creates the image)

What painting? It is the process of putting paint decoratively or as protective surface on a panel or any material preferred.

What are acrylics?  Acrylics are a pigment made up of a polymer emulsion,(plastic material) they are water-soluble and when dry they become water- resistant.

What are oil paints? Oils paints are slow drying material made of pigments and mixed with linseed oil. 

What is linseed oil?  Linseed oil is yellowish oil compressed from flaxseeds. It is also used in printmaking and oil painting.